Ups and downs

March 01, 1996

Some of the highlights and lowlights from the Orioles' intrasquad game yesterday:


* First base trainee Sherman Obando doubled off the center-field fence and had a home run that was plucked off the wall by Mike Devereaux.

* Outfielder Joe Hall had two hits in three at-bats and hit the ball hard in his final intrasquad plate appearance.

* Center fielder Brady Anderson had a three-run double in the fourth inning.

* Starter David Wells gave up just one hit over two innings against a reasonable facsimile of the Orioles' Opening Day lineup.


* Starter Kent Mercker gave up five hits and two runs over two innings against a largely minor-league lineup. He walked one and struck out one.

* Reliever Jesse Orosco gave up six runs in one inning against the major-league lineup.

* Second baseman Roberto Alomar struck out in each of his two intrasquad at-bats.

* Pitching prospect Rocky Coppinger was rocked in a two-inning appearance, giving up a double, a home run and a shot to Obando that was pulled back into the park by Devereaux.

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