For Congress in Districts 4, 5 and 8 Washington-area endorsements: Incumbents, challengers and sitting judges.

Campaign 1996

March 01, 1996

VOTERS IN THE Washington suburbs of Maryland have an interesting mix of incumbents and challengers to consider in the March 5 election. Even some of the local judges have an election contest.

In the heavily Democratic 4th District (Prince George's and part of Montgomery), Rep. Albert R. Wynn faces only a lone, #i little-known primary opponent and has our endorsement. Of the two Republicans, our choice is Dr. Cesar Madarang, a family physician who has practiced in the area for three decades. He is urging stronger links among all the ethnic groups in the diverse district.

In the 5th District, eight-term Democrat Steny H. Hoyer is the dean of Maryland's House delegation. He sits on the Appropriations Committee, remains the state's leading fund-raiser and continues to bring home the bacon. In recent years, he has tailored his voting record to align with more conservative views in his redrawn district in Southern Maryland and parts of Anne Arundel and Prince George's counties. He is clearly the best of the Democratic field.

For Republicans, our choice is John S. Morgan, a Johns Hopkins physicist and Republican state delegate from Laurel. Like Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Morgan, 32, first won a seat in the state legislature in his mid-20s. Unlike Mr. Hoyer, he is known for a fervent ideological conservatism. That bent, however, may make him an even stronger opponent than the formidable challengers Mr. Hoyer has defeated before.

In the 8th District, Rep. Constance A. Morella has been an effective voice for constituents and a standard bearer for embattled GOP moderates in the Gingrich Congress. She faces several challengers, none of which could match the respect she has earned among friends and opponents alike.

Among Democrats, the best candidate is Donald Mooers, a lawyer with a history of civic involvement in Montgomery County. His staff work on Capitol Hill and his work in the Peace Corps in Africa and, later, on State Department contracts in the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe give him strong credentials.

In Prince George's County, five Circuit Court judges face three challengers. The Sun strongly endorses the sitting judges: Michele D. Hotten, Audrey E. Melbourne, Sherrie L. Krauser, E.

Allen Shepherd and Thomas P. Smith.

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