1994 Fabre-Montmayou Malbec ($7)Malbec, a red grape from...


February 28, 1996|By Michael Dresser

1994 Fabre-Montmayou Malbec ($7)

Malbec, a red grape from Bordeaux, is usually a bit player in blended wines. Usually, that's all it's fit for. This Argentine wine, the best varietal malbec I've ever tasted, is a brilliant exception. It's a bright, exuberant, full-bodied wine that's ready to be enjoyed immediately. Value-oriented consumers should keep an eye out for the name Fabre-Montmayou. Besides a brilliant malbec and cabernet sauvignon, it is also producing one of the few merlots that justifies its price tag. Both the 1988 and 1989 are excellent.


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