A word of caution about checks while awaiting the March lion

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February 28, 1996|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

CLEARING the February notebook:

"Never make out checks to 'IRS.' If check falls into wrong hands, 'IRS' could be changed to 'MRS,' followed by someone's name." (Working Families)

"First rule of high-tech stocks: Don't buy them, rent them!" (Tech Analyst Richard Whittington in Smart Money, March)

"March has historically been an 'up' stock month, 'in like a lion, out like a lamb,' with stronger first half than second." (Stock Trader's Almanac)

"Since sinking to 3,674.23 on Nov. 23, 1994, the Dow through Feb. 23 climbed about 1,950 points, a 53 percent gain in a year and a quarter." (Investor's Daily)

"S&P dividend yield, an historically low 2.3 percent, means stocks are overpriced, could move sharply lower." (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

"We're looking at blue skies, couldn't ask for better scenario. Business growing, inflation low, interest rates falling. We're in a bull market; stay fully invested." (Cabot Market Letter)

"There are over a million U.S. dollar-based millionaires in China." (Robert Czeschin, local newsletter-writer, quoting "Megatrends Asia," by John Naisbitt)

"Leading Borrowing Deals in Baltimore: Inland Mortgage, Baltimore County Savings, Fairfax Savings, American National." (Money, March, which lists firms' phone numbers)

Washington Savings in Waldorf appeared under "Top-Yielding 5-Year CDs" on "Your Money," on CNN News.

"Hold onto stocks you believe in, no matter what the market does." (Anne Scheiber, who turned $5,000 into $22 million in stocks)

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers at most." (IBM Chairman Tom Watson in 1943, quoted in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, March)

"Looking for a Job When You Already Have One" in this week's (Feb. 25-March 2) National Business Employment Weekly is worth reading. We'll summarize the article Friday.

"Average balance in regular U.S. checking account: $2,740 average cost for processing a bad check: $2.68 Average bad-check charge: $20." (U.S. Public Interest Research Group)

"Don't just sit there; refinance your mortgage!" (Regional Financial Associates)

Maryland's listing under "You're Losing Your Rights," in Money, March, says: "Attorney General's consumer unit staffing down 28 percent since 1990, consumers' money recovered down 45 percent, toll-free 800 number gone."

"If you itch to plunge into initial public offerings, don't. You could take a financial bath." (Consumer Reports, March)

"If you run a fast-growing company, don't take your financial projections too seriously, don't expect logic in your evolving capital structure and be prepared to be turned down by banks and investors." (INC, Feb.)

"A $1,000 investment in Apple Computer 10 years ago is worth $2,900 today, in Compaq Computer, $22,000." (Fortune, Feb. 19)

"Keep all your 'job-hunting' receipts; those expenses are tax-deductible whether or not you find a job. List them on Schedule A." (Black Enterprise, February)

"Elaine Garzarelli, who 'called' the 1987 stock market crash, predicts Dow Jones 6,500 by year-end." (Business Week, Feb. 26.)

"U.S. stocks outperformed the rest of the major market world in 1995." (Bloomberg Business News)

"The Beardstown Ladies' Stitch-In-Time Guide to Growing Your Nest Egg" ($19.95) ranks No. 1 on Business Week's best-seller list.

"Home offices are not covered by most homeowners' insurance policies. Most cover only up to $2,500 in business equipment." ("Working from Home" by Paul Edwards, $15.95)

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