Built for the Birds

February 25, 1996|By REBECCA THUSS

They seem to be hatching everywhere. What was once a functional wooden shack is now a charming little pad for Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee. Birdhouses aren't just decorating our back yards and porches anymore, they're also migrating inside to living rooms and family rooms. Finding homes on mantels and bookshelves, they've become a popular commodity in the home-furnishings market. Available in models from one room to six, in stark modern or gingerbread Victorian and in a multitude of color schemes, there's a birdhouse suitable for just about any decor.


Page 50 -- Feathery Friend birdhouse, $150, at Nightgoods. Lazy Moon Tavern birdhouse, $165, at Nightgoods. White church, $120, by Lady Slipper Design at the Store Ltd. Goodnight birdhouse, $48, by Blackwater Folk Art at Crosspatch. Multifamily white birdhouse, $185, at Stillridge Herb Farm. Green house with steel roof, $88, by Fairfield Folk Art at Crosspatch. Gourd birdhouse, $21, at La Terra. Wooden house with license plate roof, $95, by Fred Van Anda Design at the Nature Company.

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