There are some of us who would just as soon forget that we...

Editor's Note

February 25, 1996|By Catherine Cook | Catherine Cook,Distinction Editor

There are some of us who would just as soon forget that we ever wore the clothes we did in the '60s, let alone wear them again. But designers remain fascinated by this decade and have revived some of the more appealing elements for spring.

The looks we chose for this issue reflect echoes of the past rather than outright recycling. The lines for women's fashions are simple, clean, often sleeveless, accompanied by few accessories, and played up in colors we haven't seen for a while. Remember aqua, lime and tangerine?

Writer Arthur Hirsch offers a humorous take on real-life fashions with his essay about the difficulties he's had dressing stylishly when he stands "some inches beneath the average American male height of nearly 5 foot 10."

"How bad will it be this year, how much will the prevailing fashion emphasize one's shortness?" he wonders.

We won't be able to wear new spring threads for a few weeks yet, but it's not too early to begin work on the garden. For inspiration, check out Mike Klingaman's article on the current popularity of antique flowers. "The lure of these 'ancient' plants is so strong," he says, "that some folks make a hobby of poking around old cemeteries and deserted homesteads in search of antique ornamentals. Finding such an untended, brambly site is like being first in line at a flea market."

And if your passion runs to books but you are less than passionate about the cluttered space you have to put them in, you'll find Tim Warren's article on creating a personal library a must read.

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