Natural motifs are appearing in country gifts


February 25, 1996|By Elizabeth Large

Natural motifs are still very hot, at least according to Country Business, a trade publication designed for retailers of country gifts and accessories. The green trend includes gardening motifs, notably pansies and gardenias. (Say goodbye to sunflowers; they are finally passe.)

Vegetables and leafy greens are everywhere, too, showing up on fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. What look like real vegetables are actually candles; in fact, candles with environmental themes and natural colors are particularly hot right now.

Natural finishes like unbleached cotton are also popular, as are vegetable pigment dyes in bedding and decorative fabrics.

Sticky farewell

You have to love a product called Goo Gone. You have to love it more when it takes off the glue residue from price stickers, JTC crayons, tar, shoe polish, candle wax, blood and scuff marks from hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery.

Made by Magic American Corp., Goo Gone has a pleasant citrus aroma. An 8-ounce bottle sells for $3.99 at Linens 'n Things and other area home accessories stores.

French Accents

You may have seen French Accents' antiques in area shops like Palais Royal in Greenspring Station and Portebello Square in Towson. You'll certainly see them in at least three rooms of the Baltimore Symphony's Decorators' Show House this spring. But why not go to the source? French Accents now has a showroom at 3600 Roland Ave., with decorative antiques of all sorts of periods and styles, from Baroque to Biedermeier. Hours are by appointment, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (410) 467-8957.

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