Maintenance of effort: good compromise2 The writer is the...


February 24, 1996

Maintenance of effort: good compromise

2 The writer is the Under Secretary of the Army.

Strange way to seek NFL return

As a recently transplanted Ohioan, I had mixed emotions when the news of the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore was announced. Now I am even more confused at the recent turn of events regarding the new stadium.

This was a key part of enticing Art Modell to move the team to Baltimore.

Now, after all these years of whining, wailing and moaning, about how they had been robbed of their beloved Colts, (which I can fully understand) a deal is finally struck and before the ink is dry, there are many who would renege on the commitment to build a new facility.

If Baltimore's leaders are really serious about getting a team, which they have been loudly seeking for a dozen years, they have in my opinion, found a strange way of launching a successful new enterprise. Kind of makes me wonder, what manner of people these Marylanders be.

Bob Rumrill

Bel Air

Crash wasn't entertaining

On Feb. 16, a MARC train and an Amtrak train crashed in Silver Spring. Eleven lives were lost. Most of those killed were teen-agers beginning a weekend leave from the Job Corps. What a tragic loss of life.

However, what was a somber, sad moment for most people was turned into a sideshow by your newspaper and several individuals who were interviewed at the site of the crash the next day. I was sickened by the Feb. 18 article headlined, ''Curious gravitate to scene."

I was sickened by the two individuals quoted in the article and by The Sun for having the insensitivity to print what they said. Jenny Rohrer said she went to the crash site because she ''thought this would be some excitement for the dog." Brett Rouillier said he brought his 2-year-old son to the accident scene because the boy "likes trains" and since "my wife threw us both out of the house."

Hello? Is anyone home? People were killed. This was not a festive occasion. I can only say that if death is a source of entertainment and excitement for these people, I have pity on both individuals for their lack of humanity. These individuals felt so distanced from Friday's accident that they found it a source of entertainment for a Saturday afternoon?

My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the crash. And to the two insensitive individuals quoted in the article, may you never find yourselves or your families victims of this type of ''entertainment."

Christine M. Frick

Mount Airy

Henson shouldn't be reappointed

I am very disturbed that the City Council is expected to confirm the reappointment of Housing Commissioner Daniel P. Henson III. Under his leadership, have things really improved for the poor families living in public housing?

One can take a drive around Baltimore on any given day and see the many boarded-up houses. Or you could visit the shelters and observe the numerous homeless families housed there. Or what about the families living in dilapidated housing?

It is pathetic when the city expects landlords to adhere to the housing code but does not apply the same rules to the staff at the Housing Department.

Mr. Henson is only one person, but he has to be held responsible for the actions of his staff. Under his leadership, Baltimore has been besieged with mismanagement of its housing program. The time has come for a change.

I encourage the City Council to take a just stand for the poor families of Baltimore and do not confirm the reappointment of Mr. Henson. I applaud City Councilman Martin O'Malley for his courage to take the lead and I encourage his peers to follow in his footsteps.

Marie Oliver


Badgering candidates with tough questions

Will the liberal, attack-dog media never relent?

Let a Republican presidential candidate rise to top rank in this field of intellectual and moral giants, and they immediately seek to embarrass him by posing difficult, inappropriate queries.

The latest victim of this destructive tactic is Lamar Alexander. Asked by an intrusive news hound the price of a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs, the innocent candidate was understandably nonplused.

Is it not women's work to shop for food and handle the kitchen chores? Men, especially politicians, deal with the larger issues.

A runaway press must be reined in forthwith. Next thing you know they will be demanding to know of Bob Dole: ''Who is buried in Grant's tomb?''

Milton Bates


Emission test takes too long

Obviously MVA administrator Ronald Freeland is another classic bureaucrat watching the world go by through rose-colored glasses.

If he got out of his office and actually visited one of his Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program facilities, he'd find out that the wait far exceeds his purported 15-20 minutes. I lined up at the only facility in all of Baltimore County roughly three weeks prior to my test deadline and it took exactly 60 minutes.

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