Let new moms have extra hospital dayIt never ceases to...


February 22, 1996

Let new moms have extra hospital day

It never ceases to amaze me how blind our bureaucracies are in this good old U.S.A. The citizenry in this country have expressed their dislike with government interfering in their day-to-day lives.

Now, we see a state regulatory commission, the Health Services Cost Review Commission, wield its power and challenge the policy announced recently by St. Agnes Hospital to give all new mothers a second day in the hospital for free.

It's clear to me that this is an example of bureaucracy at its worst. Here we have a hospital make a great gesture and offer new mothers a second day in the hospital for free.

They did this because shortened hospital stays have been shown to lead to complications for new mothers and newborns and because most insurers won't pay for a second day.

The governor should step in immediately and have a little talk with this commission. Clearly, its members are out of touch with how most voters feel about bureaucratic interventions such as this. They should step aside.

St. Agnes should be commended for taking the initiative in extending health care for new mothers.

Richard Thompson


GOP needs broader appeal

While sitting in a local coffee shop recently, I was talking with two friends who are politically and socially compatible.

We are young professional moderate Republicans who feel alienated by our party.

Each of us agrees that if Pat Buchanan wins the Republican nomination, we are switching our party affiliation.

My friends and I are a dying breed. Our peers constantly ask us why we continue to associate ourselves with a party that has invariably distanced itself from both our generation and our moderate social beliefs.

Fiscal conservatism is necessary and applaudable, but we can't all be old, intolerable, rich white men.

If the Republican Party wants a viable future, it needs to wake up and accept the rest of us.

Bill Dunn

Ellicott City

Grandfather's advice fails test of reality

My grandfather was wrong.

He told me to ''work hard, buy a house, raise a family and retire."

After paying into Social Security for 50 years of work, my net Social Security check is $427 monthly.

As reported in The Sun Jan. 15, an alcoholic-junkie's check is $844 monthly, and he is appalled at the thought of having to get a job.

And they blame me for breaking the government!

Bill Parris


Double parking causes trouble

This is in response to The Sun's Feb. 6 article, "Parking dispute ends in fatal shooting."

As a long-time resident of Baltimore City and the Waverly area, I have watched as the problem of double parking has steadily increased with little intervention from the mayor, the City Council or the law enforcement agencies.

I have personally seen visitors to our fair city berated and intimidated by both citizens and taxi drivers alike who make double parking an art. Sad as it may seem, now we find citizens being killed because of it.

When is City Hall going to wake up? Possibly this is another nail in the coffin being constructed for this city by unacceptable social behavior.

Edward Johns


Housing inspector as slumlord

Where does it all lead? Another public official who must believe he is above the law. Maybe he thought he was a little dictator: do as I say, not as I do. He should leave government as soon as possible.

However, I am tired of hearing about dirty alleyways, trash in the streets, dirty yards that draw rats, etc. The picture you used shows some of the problem.

The inspector and owners did not put all the trash shown in the cellar themselves. It is high time that people realize that they should also have responsibility for keeping their own areas clean.

Come on, folks. If you own or rent, it is not the government's job to keep your area clean. Be proud of your own residence.

W. Mark


Team's colors matter more than name

There has been considerable discussion concerning the name of Baltimore's new NFL team. What has not been discussed, however, and which is of even greater importance, are the team colors.

Not every football fan will be inclined to spell out the team name with bodily contortions, but every fan will have to look at the players on the field.

I have carefully reviewed the color schemes of the NFL teams and have glanced at those of other major sports teams.

What I have discovered is that teams with metallic colors on their uniforms have a broad and national base of fan support -- the silver and blue of the Cowboys, silver and black of the Raiders, gold and red of the 49ers. People like shiny objects. It's ridiculous, but it's true.

I then investigated to determine what scheme had not already been taken -- silver and red. The Cowboys and Raiders have each enjoyed tremendous success in silver (on the field as well as in merchandising) and the only other NFL team to wear red as its main color is the Kansas City Chiefs, who wear red and white.

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