Sassy or elegant, simple comfort's the goal

Candid Closet

February 22, 1996|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,SUN STAFF

Teriko Goodwyn wants her clothes to express who she is. That means she may dress "quietly sassy" one day and "casually elegant" the next.

The common thread? The owner of "Expressions of You," a Northwest Baltimore interior design business, is true to her style.

"Some people let clothes wear them," says Ms. Goodwyn, 38, who has a 3-year-old daughter. "Others wear their clothes, and I'm one of them."

Friends say you always look put together. How do you accomplish that?

I see my clothing as an expression of me. It's much like when I decorate. Both reflect who I am and what I do. I've always enjoyed being coordinated.

I like things simple and comfortable.

I use accessories -- a lot of scarves and hats. Being raised in a Baptist church, you always wore a hat to church. Somewhere in there, I learned to enjoy that. I believe in bending the rules sometimes -- in making some things work.

What kind of look are you after?

Casually elegant. I like to always look feminine and soft without looking lacy and frilly. It's not that I want everyone in the room to notice when I walk in. I want to dress in an understated way.

How do you bend the rules?

Mainly by putting colors together that normally wouldn't be put together: purple and green, mustard and red, yellow and pink.

What impact does being in the design business have on your look?

I think what I have is a gift from God. Whether I'm dressing myself or a room, it's all in the eye. How you dress can welcome or put people off. I want rooms and my appearance to say, "Come in and relax."

What's your current favorite?

I have a Carole Little ivory-denim wrap skirt. I wear it with a mock-neck ivory cashmere sweater and a brown belt and scarf. How do I feel when I reach for that? I feel pumped, ready and charged. Quietly sassy.

Where do you shop?

Neiman Marcus by mail and Macy's.

What's the most recent thing you bought?

A two-piece tunic and slacks. It's a collarless, long-sleeved top in shades of red and black with mother-of-pearl buttons. The pants are black with a drawstring waist and full legs. It has an ethnic kind of look to it.

What's the next thing you'd like to buy?

I've been looking for ankle-length dresses. The ones I've seen are clingy and plain or loose and florally. They're too Victorian or Laura Ashley. I want them to be plain, loose with pockets.

What in your closet do you most regret buying?

One of those teensy-weensy dresses. They're not me. They look good, but it's rare I want to feel that way. It's not my idea of sexy; it was my ex-husband's idea of sexy.

Who most influenced your style?

My mom. I'd call her style quietly elegant. She's very much a lady, but she was always a sensible buyer. She bought quality things and wore them well.

How would you complete this sentence: I'll know I'm a great dresser when"

My goal is not to be a great dresser. I often get compliments on my attire. I'm dressing for me. When I get dressed and I look like I feel, then I've accomplished my goal.

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