Houston is standing by her man



In the March issue of Redbook, Whitney Houston tells us why she continues to stand by her man, bad boy Bobby Brown.

OK, so Bobby has been charged with assault in Los Angeles for allegedly kicking a security guard. OK, so aggravated battery and disorderly conduct charges were filed against him in Orlando, Fla., for allegedly beating up some guy and relieving himself in a police car. No matter. The "Waiting to Exhale" star is breathing easy. She loves her husband in spite of and apparently because of his bad-boy routine.

"I've got a good man," she says. "He takes care of me. I don't have to be scared of anything because I know he will kick every [butt] I'm telling you, disrespect him and you've got a problem."

Also in this issue is "What You Must Know Before You Go to the Hospital." Cut it out and keep it. Recapping some of the recent tragic hospital mistakes, an operating room nurse with 15 years of experience arms you with some advice to help keep you safe.

You're still single?

This being the month in which significant others buy expensive chocolates and sexy (translation: uncomfortable) lingerie to express their love, the February issue of Mirabella takes a refreshing detour and deals with the subject of the single woman, who can get her own candy and pajamas, thank you very much.

In "Happiness and the Single Woman," Betsy Israel, who is working on a cultural history of single women, explores singledom in a supposedly advanced society that still sees a woman who remains single beyond a certain age as having something wrong with her. Why is it so hard for some women to shake that panicked urge to merge? How have women who have chosen to go it alone come to terms with all this? Single women share their thoughts.

Also in Mirabella, we get a look at what it is like to be prosecutor Marcia Clark. Following Ms. Clark from the beginning to the end of a murder case, the mother of "My Sister Sam" actress Rebecca Schaeffer seeks to shed a flattering light on the prosecutor. Schaeffer was murdered in 1989 by a man who had been stalking her. Ms. Clark helped put him behind bars. The article, written by Danna Wilner Schaeffer tries to put us in Ms. Clark's shoes, but she doesn't get us close enough.

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