Food lovers get the inside scoop in Chinatown Sights and smells: Author Shirley Fong-Torres leads tours of San Francisco's 'real' Chinatown. It's wise to bring along a good appetite.

February 18, 1996|By Jana Sanchez-Klein | Jana Sanchez-Klein,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

When Shirley Fong-Torres appeared on a game show and won a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni, "the San Francisco treat," she gave away the prize and continued to steam rice the old-fashioned way. Similarly, Ms. Fong-Torres, owner of San Francisco's Wok Wiz Chinatown Tours, eschews the prepackaged part of San Francisco's Chinatown for the historical, architectural and cultural treats there.

Call (415) 355-9657 to book tours. The selection of tours:

* The Wok Wiz Chinatown tour and lunch: $35 per person.

* The culinary tour, "I Can't Believe I Ate My Way Through Chinatown": $50 per person for breakfast, nibbling on street, including dim sum and roast duck, and lunch.

The Ciao-Chow tour covers a little of Chinatown, but concentrates on North Beach. It is held two or three days a week or as requested by groups. $25 per person walk only, (lunch can be included for groups).

* A Taste of Chinatown, $15 per person with a minimum of 20 people. Add $10 or more for lunch; add $25 and up for dinner. This tour is for corporate groups, and is usually about 90 minutes.

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