Jesse OroscoHis projected role for the Orioles...

Orioles one-on-one

February 16, 1996|By Buster Olney

Jesse Orosco

His projected role for the Orioles: Left-handed set-up man.

Number crunching: Opponents hit only .169 against Orosco in 1995, with 28 hits in 49 2/3 innings.

L Where he's been in the off-season: At his home in San Diego.

What he's been doing: "Getting ready for the season and hanging out with my family. We'll go to the park a lot [with his two daughters, ages 1 and 3, and son, age 8]."

Who he thinks is the Orioles' best acquisition of the off-season: "Roberto Alomar. We were shifting around so many guys at second base last year, with Manny Alexander and Bret Barberie. For a team trying to go for [a division title], that was a lot of moving around in the lineup."

What AL team he thinks helped itself the most this off-season: "Boston stayed steady -- they kept some guys they could've lost."

An Oriole to watch: "I don't know how much B. J. Surhoff is going to play, and I don't know where he's going to play. But it's wonderful to see him hit. I know in the past, he's had a tough time through the early part of the season, but last year, it didn't happen that way. I know he's really going to make a difference in the lineup." (Orosco played with Surhoff in Milwaukee from 1992-94).

His own expectations for '96: "Hey, I wouldn't mind -- for me, personally -- to have the exact same season as last year."

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