Trio takes students on a musical world tour


February 16, 1996|By Christy Kruhm | Christy Kruhm,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

STUDENTS at Mount Airy Elementary School embarked on a world tour Monday. They didn't have to board planes or boats for their trip; instead, they traveled around the world of music. More specifically, they took a world tour of percussion music.

The vibrating sounds of drums beating, bells ringing and cymbals crashing echoed off the cafeteria walls as the Barry Dove Percussion Trio presented "Global Percussion" to students.

Performers Barry Dove, Jon Seligman and Donna DiStefano kept the children entertained by demonstrating unusual sounds and music on strange-looking instruments that filled the school's stage.

Opening their performance with a traditional African Gahu, the trio immediately caught the attention of the children by beating a rhythm on authentic instruments, such as hollowed-out logs, talking drums and a leg xylophone.

Mr. Dove explained the importance of bells in percussion, and compared them to how a conductor in an symphony keeps rhythm.

As the show traveled to the Caribbean, students immediately recognized a calypso tune from the children's movie "The Little Mermaid."

Student volunteers were recruited from the audience to join the group on stage to demonstrate traditional South American percussion instruments.

With only a brief lesson on how to shake, ring or scrape their various instruments, Anthony Dorsey, Jessica McKracken, Meghan Evans, LaTanya Moss and Zac Chellemi joined the trio in keeping the beat of a bossa nova.

The students listened to North American percussion pieces, including ragtime and jazz, and then selections from Asia and Europe.

American parade music ended the performance and marched the children back to their classrooms.

Presented by Young Audiences of Maryland Inc., a nonprofit organization to promote performing arts in education, "Global Percussion" is designed to stimulate an interest in music, geography, history and culture among students.

The program is one in a series throughout the year sponsored by the school's PTA.

In its second season, the Barry Dove Percussion Trio travels one day a week to schools across Maryland performing variations of "Global Percussion." The group participates in one-week workshops in schools. Through these workshops, students have the opportunity to learn percussion instruments and theory in a "residency," or small-group format.

Trio members perform with other groups in the area.

Mr. Dove teaches percussion music at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, as well as performing with local symphony orchestras and with his band, the Barry Dove Jazz Quartet.

Mr. Seligman, a drummer with the Barry Dove Jazz Quartet, teaches at Towson State University and at Western Maryland College.

L Ms. DiStefano performs with symphony orchestras in the area.

Lenten dinners

St. Michael's Knights of Columbus will be serving Lenten fish dinners Fridays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Feb. 23 through March 29.

The menu includes baked fish, fried fish and chips, potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, applesauce and rolls. A dessert table will be available. Dinner prices are $6.50 for adults and $4 for children ages 6 to 12. Children under age 6 eat free, and families can eat for $18.

No reservations are needed, and the dinner is open to the community.

The church is at 1200 St. Michael's Road, Mount Airy. Information: (410) 549-2649.

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