There's no mystery to Seger in concert


February 15, 1996|By J. D. Considine

As far as album sales are concerned, Bob Seger certainly has seen better days. His current album, "It's a Mystery," was released late last year to lukewarm sales and even more tepid reviews.

But when it comes to the concert side of things, Seger is nothing if not dependable. It was his live show, after all, that built his reputation in the first place, as anyone familiar with the classic "Live Bullet" album knows, and even though some 20 years have passed since then, there's every reason to believe he'll deliver that old time rock and roll with equal fervor today.

Making the show even more attractive is the fact that it also has John Hiatt on the bill. A world-class songwriter -- it was his "Thing Called Love" that gave Bonnie Raitt her comeback hit -- Hiatt is also a witty and appealing performer, and the low-key charm of his songs should make the perfect complement for Seger's classics-heavy set.

The concert is tonight at 8 at USAir Arena. Tickets are $30. Call (410) 481-7328.

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