25 years agoThe commissioners of Carroll County scheduled...


February 11, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago

The commissioners of Carroll County scheduled a meeting with the mayors and representatives of the incorporated towns to discuss several matters pertaining to the two general governmental units within the county.

Included in the discussions were procedures which could be implemented in establishing coordination between planning and zoning programs, the development and implementation of the countywide water and sewer plan and cooperation in further studies involving the financing of facilities of joint concern within and outside the incorporated areas. -- Community Reporter, Feb. 5, 1971.

50 years ago The Westminster Public Library is again making its annual appeal to the citizens of Westminster. February is known as Library Month and it is hoped that many generous contributions will be received.

Present members of the library are urged to renew their memberships, and new members are welcome to join. The fee is $1 per year. The library is open on Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 8, also Thursday mornings from 10 to 12. -- Democratic Advocate, Feb. 8, 1946.

75 years ago The practice of defacing property with chalk and pencils in certain sections of town appears to be a favorite pastime with some children. Newly painted buildings and porch columns appear to offer special inducements for the practice.

The town authorities as a rule do not care to resort to legal measures with children, yet it appears a few applications of this medicine might prove effective. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Feb. 11, 1921.

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