From The Sun Feb. 11-17, 1846* Feb. 11: House-Keepers...


February 11, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Feb. 11-17, 1846

* Feb. 11: House-Keepers should be especially careful about this time in seeing that their premises are secured from the encroachment of thieves.

* Feb. 12: Fresh shad, being the first of the season, made their appearance yesterday in Centre Market. They were brought from Norfolk.

* Feb. 14: A walk among the shipyards of East Baltimore has shown us that notwithstanding the season, the ship carpenters are pretty busy.

From The Sun Feb. 11-17, 1896

* Feb. 11: First annual good roads banquet of the League of American Wheelmen was a great success gastronomically, socially and oratorically.

* Feb. 12: The Booker T. Washington Business Association, colored, was incorporated yesterday by John M. Browning, James M. Seward, Edward E. Whiting, Clarence L. Reid and Edward F. Eggleston, for conducting a general merchandise business.

* Feb. 14: The new approach to Union Depot from the Maryland Avenue bridge, which is nearly completed, will be opened for the use of the public February 22.

From The Sun Feb. 11-17, 1946

* Feb. 11: Catching the city almost unawares, a snow which was already six inches deep at 1 a.m., paralyzed vehicular traffic, impeded bus and train transportation and threw telephone and other communications out of gear last night.

* Feb. 12: By adopting a report of the Committee on Legislation, the City Council last night defeated a bill that would have required the registration of all pistols and revolvers owned in Baltimore and the fingerprinting of the possessors.

* Feb. 14: Last night at the Lyric Theater, Yehudi Menuhin showed why he is one of the top-ranking violinists of our times.

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