On your own: If you're hoping to advance in the corporate...

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February 11, 1996

On your own: If you're hoping to advance in the corporate hierarchy, better plan on doing it yourself, says John Challenger, an employment consultant. Mr. Challenger says companies increasingly aren't grooming employees for higher positions. "Everything that has happened within corporations -- restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and layoffs -- has contributed to ending some of the paternalistic job structure that once included automatic promotions and pay raises," Mr. Challenger said.

Don't hype: Joseph Jennings, a marketing consultant writing in the February issue of Upside magazine, warns promoters that hyping can set up false expectations about an idea or product -- and failure when angry consumers feel deceived. He cites the Apple Newton as a classic example of excessive hype. "Apple probably didn't set out to deceive consumers, but when it promised too much, consumers certainly felt deceived."

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