Laurel Woods welcomes administrative team


February 09, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

GRETCHEN JONES, co-chair of the publicity committee for Laurel Woods Elementary School, said the school recently welcomed the new administrative team of Principal Rosanne Wilson and Assistant Principal Peggy Dember.

It's a bit of a challenge assuming these positions in midyear, but the two are up to the challenge. Of course, it helps that Rosanne Wilson previously was the assistant principal at the school. She knows her way around the corridors.

Laurel Woods partnership

The Laurel-area T. G. I. Friday's restaurant is one of the school's partners. On Jan. 31, the restaurant donated to the school 10 percent of the receipts from diners who presented tickets.

The diners spent a pleasant evening eating delicious food, and the school benefited from the feast. What a terrific way to beat the winter doldrums!

Accomplished musicians

Forest Ridge Elementary is thrilled to have such ambitious musicians on the roster. Last week, fifth-graders Jelani Porter, Colleen Bredland and Nicole Malczewski auditioned for spots in the Howard County Elementary Band.

It's quite an honor to be selected to audition. These three competed against more than 100 students from 27 schools. The three students' poise and musicality won them the coveted spots in the band.

Look for them at the March 29 concert by the Howard County Elementary Band at Oakland Mills High.

Hammond parents' meeting

Hammond High reminds parents of ninth-graders that there will be a parents' meeting Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the school's cafeteria. All parents of ninth-graders are urged to attend.

Meet the press

Last week, I had the privilege and harrowing experience of speaking to a too-bright group of 20 fourth-graders about how a newspaper is put together.

I'm pleased to say that I survived the experience, thanks to the timely rescues by Bollman Bridge Elementary gifted and talented teacher David Bond. (On the other hand, he was the one who roped me into this scheme.)

Astute readers will by now realize that I protest too much here -- I had a blast. And more important, the kids did too.

Mr. Bond and Marlene Iris, the gifted and talented teachers at the school, are recruiting people with knowledge of specialized subjects to come share their expertise. It doesn't take long, less than an hour -- think of the calories saved if you give up one lunch hour to visit the school.

The two teachers are looking for experts on animals such as bats, horses, hamsters, birds and dolphins, and animal protection. Are there members of the Audubon Society in town? Perhaps a former show jumper lives nearby?

They also are looking for people who know a bit about history, specifically about castles, the Klondike Gold Rush and the Black Death.

Is there a scientist out there with a special knowledge of robotics, chemistry, computers, the Orion Nebula, river pollution, rocks and minerals, pollution, remote controls, the rain forest or how to grow bamboo?

Anyone interested in sparking a young mind may call the school at (410) 880-5920 to discuss the matter with Mr. Bond.

Childhood center sign-ups

The Bollman Bridge Regional Early Childhood Center Preschool-Kindergarten Program is accepting registration for the next school year. These classes accept disabled and local nondisabled preschoolers.

This 3-year-old Learning Together Program lets young children develop long-term friendships and benefit from a diverse environment.

Parents of 3- and 4-year-olds who will eventually attend Bollman Bridge can call Cathy Panzera at the school for an application package.

There's a $25 application fee, and all fees and applications must be received by March 15. The projected times for the preschool will be 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information, please call Brenda Coker at (410) 880-5922.

Elementary band auditions

Michal Kusnetz, Brandon Robertson and Joe Wasserkrug represented Bollman Bridge at the Howard County Elementary Band auditions.

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