Photo album creativityKater Leatherman believes that photo...


February 04, 1996|By Elizabeth Large

Photo album creativity

Kater Leatherman believes that photo albums are the most meaningful thing you can pass on from generation to generation. In fact, she teaches classes in putting them together. Ms. Leatherman, a consultant for Creative Memories, which sells the supplies needed, shows participants how to crop photos, how to mount them, and how to arrange and write about them. At the end of the two-hour class, which costs $15, students will have created their first page. Classes are limited to five to eight people.

Call (410) 728-2522 for more information.

Greening of the Web

Internet surfers with yard problems have a new Web site to turn to for help. The Toro Co.'s yard-care home page ( offers professional guidance and tips just when we should be thinking of getting our lawns and gardens ready for spring.

Here you can get information on grasses, weeds, leaves, equipment and pests. The Web site is interactive, so you can e-mail your questions.

Hearts and orchids

Looking for an exotic Valentine's Day present for your beloved? The Little Greenhouse in Owings Mills mall will have orchid plants in an array of colors for sale Feb. 10-14. Various species and hybrids will be available, including phalaenopsis (moth orchids) and lady slipper orchids. They'll cost from $17.50 to $100, depending on the number of buds.

Envelopes, please

Environmentalists and crafts people alike will love this one: a book and craft kit called "The Envelope Mill" by Haila Harvey that helps recycle photography and artwork in magazines and such into jazzy, personalized envelopes. The book includes directions and templates to design three sizes of envelopes. You supply the glue, pen and scissors. Published by Summit, "The Envelope Mill" costs $16.95.

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