Arrested man also charged with drug possession

January 30, 1996

A Denton man charged Saturday with unlawful use of a motor vehicle also was charged with drug possession after police found a small bag in his hand containing what later tested positive for cocaine and heroin, county police said.

Roderick William Stallings, 28, of the 300 block of Fleetwood Road in Denton was putting his shoes on before being taken to a District Court commissioner's office for a hearing on the auto charges about 8:30 p.m. when a police aide discovered the drugs, police said.

When the aide asked Mr. Stall- ings to open his hand he refused at first, but later opened it to reveal a small, wax paper bag with residue, police said. A vial with white powder fell out of his hand, police said.

Police also said they found $160 under padding in Mr. Stalling's right shoe.

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