Police used best option availableFor several days I've sat...


January 30, 1996

Police used best option available

For several days I've sat back and read letters to the editor such the one from Henry C. Amos (Jan. 23, "Police can restrain without taking life") that criticized the police shooting of a 64-year-old Homeland woman.

What Mr. Amos and others fail to remember is that police officers are not paid to be punching bags.

Our job is to enforce the laws of this state and protect the public.

After attempts to subdue this person with the most effective non-lethal tool available (pepper spray) failed, these officers were left with no choice.

Retreating was not an option because Monday-morning quarterbacks such as Mr. Amos would have found fault, and rightfully so. Leaving an obviously mentally disturbed person alone in a house containing Molotov cocktails is not a good idea. These officers had seconds to make a decision that others may take weeks to analyze.

Hundreds of police officers are assaulted every year in our country, resulting in serious and, far too often, deadly injuries.

Gary McLhinney


The writer is president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3.

Council members shouldn't discriminate

How sad. The African-American majority of the Baltimore City Council sees nothing wrong with a ''blacks only" retreat, excluding the white minority. Pardon me, but I thought equality meant an end to racial discrimination in both directions. What happened to the idea of working together for our community?

Janet Freedman


Criticism aired at Conowingo operators

Unplanned opening of the flood gates of Conowingo would have seemed like the most proper time to use the Emergency Broadcast System. But I suppose one should only use that in case of an emergency.

George B. Wroe


The people who run Conowingo Dam need some common sense.

The Blizzard of '96 dumped two feet of snow: why didn't they open five flood gates after the snow stopped to bring the water level down in Conowingo Pond?

Don't these people know snow melts? For some unknown reason they waited to the last minute and flooded Port Deposit.

Efforts to save the Chesapeake Bay will take a step backward. Let's hope some underwater grass and fish are left and the nutrients and sediments that washed in the bay will not be as bad as it seems.

It took 20 years to bring the bay back from Tropical Storm Agnes. I hope one big mistake from PECO Energy Co. doesn't do that again.

Anthony D'Anna

White Marsh

Blizzard arrives, baby boom follows

The snow blizzard of January 1996 will make the ''baby boom'' era look like a minor population explosion!

Betty D. Edlavitch


Teacher evaluations mask social problems

I find it interesting that The Sun editorial of Jan. 21 states: ''Name an urban school system anywhere in the country and you will find some kind of crisis.''

It seems, from all I keep reading, that it all goes back to tougher evaluations of the teaching staff. The Sun uses this as an example.

Does this mean that in every urban center the teachers are bad, and getting away with little or no work? Does it means that all urban teachers think their students can't learn? Of course not! The teachers I know work hard and believe their students can learn. If this were not the case, how could they come to work every day and deal with the number of students they teach under the most trying conditions? Believe me, it is not for the money.

The notion of a tougher evaluation system is a smoke screen put up by politicians who won't face the real issues. The issues that no one will talk about. I won't list them here, but we in the schools are faced with them every day. What we need is an open forum, with teachers included, to attempt to find ways of solving these problems. Teachers must be part of the solution.

Everyone who does not teach thinks he has the answer. Lawyers, business people, politicians -- all want to tell us how to do our job. Let them solve the social problems outside the school and let teachers do the job they have been trained for and love to do.

H. Ivan


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