Joseph Brodsky, 55, a Russian exile and Nobel...


January 29, 1996

Joseph Brodsky, 55, a Russian exile and Nobel Prize-winning poet who became poet laureate of the United States, died of a heart attack in his sleep yesterday at his Brooklyn, N.Y., home.

"He was the only Russian poet who enjoyed the right to be called a 'great' in his lifetime," Yevgeny Kiselyov, host of the Russian weekly news program "Itogi," told his viewers.

Mr. Brodsky wrote in his native Russian and in English. In addition to poetry, he wrote plays, essays and criticism.

His works include "Elegy for John Donne," "Isaac and Abraham," "New Stanzas to Augusta," "Song without Music," "A Stop in the Desert: Verse and Poems," "Less than One," "To Urania," "Democracy" and "Watermark."

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