Van Bokkelen was seen failing in 1994 and 1995

January 28, 1996

Internal county lists of failing schools compiled in 1994 and 1995 have only one school in common: Van Bokkelen Elementary.

The Department of Instruction compiles the lists based on student test scores, attendance and disciplinary problems, said Nancy Mann, director.

The lists alert all administrators to schools that have unusual needs.

Each school is supposed to receive help tailored to alleviate the problems that got it there.

In 1994, other schools on the list were Marley, Parole, Brock Bridge and Woodside elementaries, and Annapolis and Lindale-Brooklyn Park middle schools.

In 1995, those six schools came off the list and Van Bokkelen was joined by Hilltop, North Glen, Oakwood, Park and Brooklyn Park elementaries and MacArthur and Marley middle schools.

The 1996 list will not be done until May.

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