"Mr. Ives' Christmas," by Oscar Hijuelos. What intruigued...

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January 28, 1996

"Mr. Ives' Christmas," by Oscar Hijuelos. What intruigued me about "Ives" is that Hijuelos comes dangerously close to sentimentality, but he avoids it. Then he'll bend toward mysticism, but he doesn't let that take over either. Everything seems about to fizzle, then, when you least expect it, there are fireworks. I'm going to read "Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love," his other book, next.

I'm also reading "The Art Spirit," by Robert Henri. It was first published in 1923. My son is an architecture student and he gave it to me. I haven't been reading it sequentially. I open it to any page and read it that way. It's fantastic.

Peter W. Culman,

managing director of Center Stage

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