Can it: Recycling centers already inundated with beverage...

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January 28, 1996

Can it: Recycling centers already inundated with beverage and food cans may need to make room for more. The Freedonia Group, an industrial research firm, says U.S. demand for metal cans will expand 1.8 percent a year through 2000. Sales of nonalcoholic beverages, such as fruit and vegetable juice, are expected to grow along with the health consciousness of the aging Baby Boomers. The alcoholic beverage market won't help can makers much, as beer sales will remain flat and new brands -- especially local microbrews -- are introduced in glass bottles, Freedonia said.

No place like home: People love working at home, finds a survey done for AT&T. The survey queried 1,005 home-based business owners, and found that 80 percent feel more productive. Sixty-one percent said they believe they're sick less often than people who work in traditional offices. One-third of the respondents said their dry cleaning and laundry bills are down.

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