Manchester to hold public meeting on Nature Center

January 26, 1996

Manchester will hold a 7:30 p.m. public meeting Wednesday at Town Hall, 3208 York St., to discuss the formation of a foundation to oversee some of the management of the Nature Center in Pine Valley Park.

A foundation may have a better chance than a municipality of securing future grant money for programs at the center, said Dave Warner, town manager.

A rough draft of bylaws has been prepared, and "We want to let the public share their ideas with the Town Council members, who ultimately would be the ones to approve it," he said.

The center, at the north end of Manchester, was formally opened May and is managed by the town's Department of Parks.

A foundation could take over some of the responsibility for managing the center by, for example, coordinating activities and setting up schedules for volunteers, Mr. Warner said.

Students at Manchester Middle School have made frequent use of the center for outdoor nature, math and science studies, he said.

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