All the WHAT you can eat? Pass the meatloaf, please


January 26, 1996|By DAN RODRICKS

There are people in my house who gag at the thought of eating animal organs, especially liver. So, I was surprised to hear of Wednesday's All-You-Can-Eat Calf's Liver Night at KC's Cafe in Sykesville. Sounds like a dice-toss for a restaurant, but word is getting out, and apparently the liver-lover crowd has been building each week. (Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year, folks. "Liver With Your Lover"?) Sorry, but you won't see me at KC's on a Wednesday, though I might show on Monday. That's All-You-Can-Eat Meatloaf Night, and me for that.

Questionable justice

Since 1989, Travis Coker, a 23-year-old drug addict from Charles Village, has been found guilty five times for speeding, once for driving while intoxicated, once for driving under the influence and once for negligent driving. He has three minor criminal convictions, including misdemeanor theft, resisting arrest and possession of drugs. He failed to appear for Maryland court dates numerous times, had his license revoked in 1991 (but drove anyway) and was charged with drunken driving last May.

In addition, Coker was the driver of a sports utility truck that killed Milton Stuck, a 78-year-old semiretired electrician from Pikesville, in a head-on crash last July.

This week, Coker, fresh back from the Virgin Islands, faced an automobile manslaughter charge in Baltimore County Circuit Court. (Hey, at least he posted.) Judge Christian M. Kahl found him guilty of a bunch of charges, including auto manslaughter, in last summer's fatal crash. Coker could be sentenced -- keep your fingers crossed -- to 10 years in prison.

This upsets his mother, Janie Coker, who was actually was heard to utter the words "There is no justice" outside the courtroom.

An eyeful in Towson

Check out the grunge tuxedos at Ten-Car Pileup, the new recycled clothing shop in Towson, near Set's Sport Shop. And check out Set's window for the owl in earmuffs, too. And while you're there, check out the Caribbean place with the, ahem, catchy name Live It Not Diet.

Changing their tune

While we're talking Towson ... What's up with An Die Musik? One of the region's best music stores fled Towson (read that, Borders and the suburban mega-stores) to find a new market in the city. I hear there's a deal afoot for a cafe-record store at a location on North Charles Street. Spike and Charlie are in on this. Stay tuned. And while we're cruising Charles Street ... Henry Pertman and Jeff Pressman are out as managers of the popular deli that still bears their names. The majority owners decided to bounce H&J, apparently because a new Pertman-Pressman restaurant venture in Owings Mills was creating too much of a distraction. They'll be missed on Charles Street.

Wrong-way legislator

Did I swear off blizzard stories? Of course. Am I breaking that vow? Ditto.

Annapolitans William and Laura Gumula were walking on one-way Duke of Gloucester Street two days after the blizzard, sharing the one plowed lane with other pedestrians and cars. Suddenly, in a display of bad snow manners, a driver steered his car down the street in the wrong direction, forcing pedestrians to scramble. The Gumulas noted the tag -- Maryland Senate 4. Turns out the driver was Sen. Timothy R. Ferguson, a first-term Republican who represents parts of Carroll and Frederick counties.

Apprised of the Gumulas' complaint, Ferguson denied almost running over pedestrians but admitted turning around on Duke of Gloucester. He pleaded ignorance, saying he didn't know the quaint downtown thoroughfare was one-way. ("There's a big sign saying wrong way," Laura Gumula notes.)

Ferguson said he was in a line of cars stopped for a city road crew and assumed there would be a lengthy delay. (The stoppage was relatively short, the Gumulas say, and other drivers patiently waited it out.)

The freshman senator said he asked a member of the road crew what to do and was told he could turn around. He said he would send the Gumulas a letter of apology. This isn't the first time Ferguson's Senate tags have attracted attention. "You would be surprised how many rednecks tailgate you when they realize you're a legislator," he tells us. "They actually try to taunt you

into doing something out of anger."

Feet first

This Just In: Blizzard-burned Baltimoreans hot for tan Timberland hiking boots! Major shortage in stores! This from salesman at Rudo Sports, Mondawmin Mall ... Also, market watchers throughout mid-Atlantic say look for boost in sales in pregnancy test kits, first weekend in February.

Last picture show

Has anyone, besides the East Baltimore Guide, noted the closure of the Patterson Theater? The sign says "Closed for repairs," but no one expects to see a movie there anytime soon. Another Highlandtown landmark bites the dust. (But don't worry, Matthew's Pizzaria -- established 1943 -- is still right across the street.)

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