Mayor talks way to prizes MTV feature to focus on New Windsor, official

January 25, 1996|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,SUN STAFF

New Windsor is making MTV news, thanks to its mayor.

The music-video network will feature the town and Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr., winner of the network's winter vacation surprise, on its "E-notes" program.

The state's youngest mayor came to MTV's attention by talking about luggage. Mr. Gullo had hoped the surprise would be a getaway in Vail, Colo., or Hawaii. Instead of plane tickets, his fast talking won him equipment to take along on such a trip.

Mr. Gullo now has a surfboard, a snowboard, $50 in phone credits and a shot at MTV fame. A self-described loquacious politician, he called the oratorical contest, which qualified him for the prizes, too easy.

The mayor had to extemporize on WGRX-FM radio to win his chance at the vacation drawing. For 30 seconds, without pausing or saying "uh," the mayor spoke authoritatively -- even managing a rhyme or two -- on the subject of suitcases.

"The contest was made for me," said the 27-year-old mayor. "The timer went off before I finished."

His name went into a weekly drawing with other qualifiers, and his entry was selected Friday on the Marshall and Maxwell show on WGRX.

"I heard, 'The mayor guy won,' and then they called me," Mr. Gullo said.

WGRX's morning disc jockey team exacted a price, asking for a WGRX day in Carroll's smallest town (population 800-plus). Mr. Gullo did better, proclaiming Jan. 19-26 WGRX Week.

"Why not?" he asked. "It's my favorite station, the only one that says 'Baltimore and Westminster' in its announcements."

The mayor is no stranger to radio commentary. WGRX, sister station to WTTR-AM in Westminster, also broadcasts the Carroll County mayoral monologues, in which all eight county mayors rotate microphone duties, on Sunday mornings.

WGRX has aired and re-aired the winning announcement.

Mr. Gullo's fame is spreading. The sewer operator in Manchester called to congratulate him, and his fellow volunteer firefighters have added their kudos at emergency meetings. On the slopes of Ski Liberty on Saturday, another downhill racer waved his felicitations.

Mr. Gullo, an avid skier, has never attempted snowboarding. He said he is willing to give it a try, but only when he is alone on the slopes.

"I can usually master anything, but I may be the guy lying in the snow the first few times," he said.

As for using the new surfboard, he might try to win that trip to Hawaii first.

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