Officers installed at volunteer fire company

January 24, 1996

The Taneytown Volunteer Fire Company recently held its annual banquet to install 1996 officers and present awards for 1995.

Administrative officers are: Earl Lookingbill, president; Danny Myers, first vice president; Randy Tracey, second vice president; James Haines, recording secretary; Charles Parrish, financial secretary; James Parker, treasurer; Robert Trankley, assistant treasurer; Maurice Parrish, Craig Austin, John Alexander, at large.

Line officers are: Michael Glass, fire chief; Brett Six, assistant chief; Graham Wildason, captain; Glenn Haines, 1st lieutenant; Jeffery Stitley, 2nd lieutenant; Douglas Bare, 3rd lieutenant.

Emergency Medical Services officers are: Todd Naugle, captain; Jesse Salley, 1st lieutenant; James Haines, 2nd lieutenant; Dale Kline, 3rd lieutenant.

Fire police officers are: James Carl, captain; Thomas Morrison, lieutenant. Chaplain is James Carl.

Junior Fire Company officers are: Kevin Bare, president; Andy Shoemaker, vice president and secretary; Josh Willet, treasurer; Charles Billings Jr., captain; Ralph Staub Jr., lieutenant.

Top fire responders in 1995 were: Graham Wildason, Fern Haines, Craig Bare, Tony Wolf, Glenn Haines, Michael Glass, John Perry, Mark Smith II, James Salley, Shane Yimberman.

Top EMS responders were: Daryll Pearce, Mark Smith, Jesse Salley, David Lookingbill, Todd Naugle, James Haines, Dale Kline, Sharon Eiler, Craig Bare, Jeff Powell.

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