Computer imaging use in businesses rose in 1995


January 24, 1996

There was a sharp increase in the number of businesses using computer imaging technology last year, a Maryland-based trade association has found.

In an international survey, 43 percent of businesses polled reported owning and using an electronic imaging system, said the Association for Information and Image Management International, based in Silver Spring. That's a 55 percent increase over the number reporting in 1994 that they used such a system for business.

Meanwhile, 33 percent said they were considering installing such a system.

The study, "Electronic Imaging: The State of the Industry 1995," surveyed 1,005 businesses.

Using the technology most were insurance agencies, utilities, manufacturing, the federal government and banks.

James Breuer, an association spokesman, said the increase in the number of businesses using electronic imaging could be attributed to price declines and the fact that software to operate it is often included today as part of popular mass market programs, such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Windows 95 and Visual Basic.

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