Meals on Wheels provides extra rations to help clients in events such as blizzard


January 22, 1996|By Rosalie Falter | Rosalie Falter,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

HESTER Richardson of Linthicum and Pauline Bottiger of Ferndale, volunteers for Meals on Wheels and route chairwomen, have had to cope with budget and blizzard troubles recently.

Some clients who receive two meals a day Monday through Friday were concerned about the effect on Meals on Wheels of the government shutdown.

"To alleviate their concerns, letters were sent to each client to tell them that there was food," Mrs. Bottiger said. "Every client had their meals delivered."

The blizzard was another story.

"I can only remember one other time we missed a week's delivery, and I think that was about 10 years ago," said Mrs. Richardson, a volunteer since 1973.

The organization overcame that problem by offering clients extra rations to keep on their shelves, Mrs. Bottiger said.

Mrs. Bottiger, a volunteer for 13 years, said each client was called during the recent storm to determine whether there was enough food on hand. Only one person on her route needed food.

The two women's routes are supported by dedicated volunteers who give at least one day a month to pick up meals and deliver them. The length of service ranges from one year to 23 years. Most of the volunteers live in Ferndale and Linthicum.

Carroll Richardson and George Bottiger have been helping their wives since the beginning. They give two to three days a month to their routes.

Besides the Richardsons, volunteers on their route include Shirley Brewer, George and Joan Churchman, Fay Deli, Claire Hirshman, Earleen Halloway, Bruce Katzenbert, Charlotte List, Ruby Miller, Glenn and Betty Mohr, Lois Neilson, Ed and Erma Parmentier, Bill and Anne Skillman, Jack Stephens, Shirley Stricker and Dolly Zeunges.

Ms. Neilson helped Mrs. Richardson bring Meals on Wheels to the area 23 years ago. Their route's clients live in Ferndale, Linthicum and Pumphrey.

Ferndale and Linthicum residents helping the Bottigers on their route are Richard and Vera Albright, Margaret Bemrich, Bill and Helen Blotzer, Robert and Adeline Bradshaw, Ruth Grant, Bill and Lois King, Elsie Sonnenleiter, Don Wetzel, Al Schlueter and Shirley Stranz.

Vernon Diehl, Frances Mix, Vinala Peddesett, Harry Scheidy, Gerry and Marion Van, and Jan and Martha Vandegaer come from outside the community to help. They deliver to clients in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay.

Anyone who would like to help deliver on Mrs. Richardson's route, call 859-5370. To help Mrs. Bottiger, call 766-5096.

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