Doonesbury's web

In Brief

January 22, 1996|By Newsday

In the galaxy of multimedia products, Doonesbury is the subject of three "Toonscape" titles from Mindscape. And on the World Wide Web, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau's incisive socio-political comic strip -- which debuted 25 years ago -- is revered and celebrated in words and comic pictures by fans who won't let go.

In cyberspace, Doonesbury and his pals reside at the still-under-construction "Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall" (, where visitors can check out a number of pages, vote in a straw poll or call up a long-ago Doonesbury strip. Mindscape's Doonesbury product blitz is a trilogy of "activism software" (a very Doonesbury-esque description) comprised of an election game, a compendium resource with 9,000-plus strips and a screen saver if you can't get enough of Zonker, Duke and Ron Headrest.

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