From The Sun Jan. 21-27, 1846Jan. 22: We mentioned a few...


January 21, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 21-27, 1846

Jan. 22: We mentioned a few days ago the receipt by His Honor the Mayor of a quantity of coal, sent by an anonymous person, by the Susquehanna Railroad, to be appropriated for the benefit of the poor of the city.

Jan. 23: We supposed that every person owning a horse would have seen and complied with the necessity of having the animal rough shod to suit the season.

Jan. 27: On Sunday night, some rowdies undertook to indulge in a wanton spirit of mischief, by thrusting a heavy plank through the transom window of a dry goods store.

From The Sun Jan. 21-27, 1896

Jan. 21: The largest gathering of colored people seen in Baltimore for several years gathered last night at the Monumental Assembly Rooms, St. Paul and Centre, and celebrated the thirty-third anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Jan. 22: The Enoch Pratt Free Library has been supplying books to the people of Baltimore just ten years this month.

From The Sun Jan. 21-27, 1946

Jan. 23: The old clock on the City Hall that usually tolls off the hours of the day has been silent for nearly two weeks, but will be back in action again in "a day or two," according to Paul Zimmerman, superintendent of public buildings.

Jan. 24: Baltimoreans will have their first opportunity to hear Igor Stravinsky, famous composer, on the lecture program when he speaks at the Peabody Conservatory of Music Feb. 5.

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