A roundup of new products and servicesFor Kitty's...


January 21, 1996|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

For Kitty's Care

Pruitt and Associates has created the ultimate bathroom -- for cats. Its Spot-O-Kitty is a custom-designed, odorless litter box house. The plexiglass shell with reinforced wood frame is 2 feet high and wide and 18 inches deep. Inside, you place your cat's litter box. A clothes-dryer type venting system from the Spot-O-Kitty to an outer wall will keep the area smelling fresh. An automatic motion sensor turns the vent on when the cat enters the box and stays on for 5 minutes after the cat exits. You also can continually vent Spot-O-Kitty by keeping the vent switch in the on position. Spot-O-Kitty is $195 and is available at the Animal Medical Clinic of Dulaney Valley in Timonium and at Katrina's Doggie Den on Eastern Boulevard. Installation and a one-year service contract are available for an additional $95. Call (410) 574-1551 for more information. Soap is supposed to clean things -- not make cleaning harder. However, anyone who has ever scrubbed the bottom of a soap dish knows that's not always the case. That's why Sterling Enterprises developed the SoapSaver. The kitchen or bathroom accessory attaches to the tile at your sink and has a magnet that holds a crown. The crown is pressed into a bar of soap, suspending it magnetically in the air. Now there's no soap melting into gunk in a soap dish, and the designated house cleaner has a little less work to do. To order the SoapSaver, which is $9.95, call (800) 688-3423.

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