2 talk way into home, steal jewelry

January 19, 1996|By FROM STAFF REPORTS

Police in Southeast Baltimore are warning residents about two women who stole thousands of dollars in jewelry from an elderly woman while claiming to be selling Avon cosmetics door to door.

Agent Robert W. Weinhold Jr., a police spokesman, said it appears the two have struck only once, but detectives are trying to find out if there are victims in addition to the 87-year-old woman who was targeted Wednesday morning.

"It certainly seems to be a case in which these two suspects preyed on the hospitality of this woman," Agent Weinhold said.

The two women knocked on the woman's door in the 700 block of S. Oldham St. and claimed to be selling cosmetics. The elderly woman did not want to buy, but the pair asked to enter to write notes about a house down the street.

Once inside, one of the women stole jewelry worth about $7,600 while the victim searched for paper and a pencil. The victim did not realize the jewelry was missing until the suspects had left.

Agent Weinhold said residents should not let anyone in their home without identification and a number to call to verify the person's employment. If residents have doubts about a visitor, the spokesman said they should call 911.

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