Stellar Hampton'sCongratulations to Hampton's in the...


January 18, 1996|By Elizabeth Large

Stellar Hampton's

Congratulations to Hampton's in the Harbor Court Hotel, the only restaurant in Baltimore to receive four stars, meaning "outstanding . . . worth a special trip" in the 1996 Mobil Travel Guide. Interestingly, the hotel itself got only three stars (not that there's anything wrong with three stars, since all establishments in the book are recommended to begin with). The only lodging in the area to get four stars is Mr. Mole Bed and Breakfast in Bolton Hill. When food and wine columnist Alan Richman picked his 10 Golden Dish awards for 1996 in GQ magazine, the closest he got to Baltimore was the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia (lobster omelet with rainbow salsa). Least likely sounding best dish? Terrine of asparagus with goat cheese, beet juice and 100-year-old balsamico at Charlie Trotter's in Chicago. But don't knock it till you've tried it; beets are very trendy right now.

60 wines by the glass

Tomcat Alley doesn't sound like a place where you can get more than 60 different wines by the glass, but that's Fells Point for you. The new-as-of-this-fall bar-restaurant at 1705 Aliceanna St. has a nice little menu of appetizers, soups, salads and pastas, with everything priced under $15.

Fire and ice

You can't help but feel sorry for Jeff Lipkin. Just after he bought the Hacienda in Gardenville it was destroyed by an electrical fire. Now, just as he's getting ready to open again, we get the Blizzard of the Century.

As of this writing, he's planning to open Jan. 16. Even if we didn't have a plague of locusts that day, call (410) 488-9447 before getting your heart set on a taco dinner.

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