BaltimoreJan. 15-23 Chesapeake Bay Boat Show, Baltimore...


January 15, 1996


Jan. 15-23 Chesapeake Bay Boat Show, Baltimore Convention Center. Contact: Chris Melhuish. Expected attendance: 15,000

Jan. 21-26 Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers power engineering meeting, Baltimore Convention Center. Contact: William Keegle, Box 1475, Baltimore, Md. 21203. Expected attendance: 2,500

Jan. 31-Feb. 7 American Bar Association convention, Convention Center. Contact: Marty Balogh, 750 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Ill. 60611. Expected attendance: 3,000

Feb. 15-22 Biophysical Society national convention, Baltimore Convention Center. Contact: Nancy Nootenboom, Suite 621, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Md. 20814. Expected % 5/8 attendance: 3,000

Feb. 26-Mar. 3 American Craft Enterprises annual craft fair, Baltimore Convention Center. Contact: Christine Crawfis, 21 S. Eltings Corner, Highland, N.Y. 12528. Expected attendance: 25,000


For more Washington area convention information, call the Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association at (202) 789-7000.

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