Gutless huntersI applaud Maria Alvarez's letter condemning...


January 14, 1996

Gutless hunters

I applaud Maria Alvarez's letter condemning hunting (Dec. 24). I would like to add that no hunter is a sportsman. There is nothing for the hunter to lose except his time.

The true challenge to a sportsman is that there is equal competition. How many people would still attend baseball games if major-leaguers would play only Little Leaguers?

If these gutless Neanderthals want to participate in a sport, let them try karate or boxing. However, I am sure that these beer-guzzling, overweight cowards would rather stick to an

activity that does not hit back or shoot back.

Marty Svert


Personal attack

Is it The Sun's new policy to allow writers with purportedly high levels of journalistic ethics to use their column as a personal forum to attack members of the media whom they don't deem friends?

It's obvious to anyone who reads Milton Kent's "Media Watch" column on a consistent basis that his venomous attacks on me (and not my show) as well as his omission of my name in the way of news have become a personal crusade to render me in the unemployment line.

His latest assaults on me that rang in the New Year were not only among the more vicious and personal in nature I'll see in your paper in this or any other year, but truly unfounded and unsubstantiated by the facts.

The fact that he appears on television and radio in this market and then is charged by you to criticize the market is an obvious conflict of interest on his part, and his friendships with members of the media (Pam Ward, Stan Charles) should render his insights at the very least tainted.

The fact that I've gone on my show and pointed this out, along with the fact that his column has become nothing more than a TV NFL rating chart and a forum for his championing of racial and women's rights issues, has made him angry with me.

As a former employee of The Sun and former co-worker with Kent, I just expected a little more in the way of ethics and virtue. Sadly, I'm very disappointed.

"Nasty" Nestor Aparicio


Bring back Murray

As a longtime devoted Orioles fan with a sense of baseball history, I was proud to witness Cal Ripken's magic moment. However, I hope the Orioles don't miss out on future opportunities to capitalize on spectacular milestones.

The team's unfortunate inability to bring Eddie Murray home is an oversight that can be corrected. If you're going to spend millions on a professional hitter, why not one who's a team leader and someone who with every at-bat steps deeper into the record books?

Murray got his 3,000th career hits in 1995 and will get his 500th career home run in 1996. Between the start of the 1997 season and the end of the 1999 season, at which time Murray will be 43, he likely will have reached the 2,000 mark in RBIs, runs and walks, perhaps being the all-time RBI and runs-scored leader.

F: Assaults on records of this magnitude are seldom seen.

Paul Schmick


Don't let Stallions go

Shame on Baltimore. Why are we just sitting and letting the CFL leave town? We're supposed to be football-hungry. The CFL is good, quality, affordable football at its best.

Come on, Baltimore. We just won the Grey Cup. Been there twice in two years. In 1997, the Grey Cup will be in Baltimore -- that's if Jim Speros stays. Come on Jim, give us until April 15

(Christmas, New Year's bills, taxes) and Baltimore will show up.

The Browns will fix up Memorial Stadium. Then after two years they move out and the CFL will have a nice, fixed-up stadium on 33rd Street. They can draw 12,000 fans, plus the walk-up crowd. Hey Jim, stay and we will come. At least stay until after the 1997 season.

Frank J. Monaldi Sr.


Speros' true colors

Why are some sports fans upset with the way Jim Speros has been treated by the media in this area? Let's face the facts: Speros has been a routine guest on all the sports talk shows throughout this area. Speros has been a guest on each of the four major television stations in Baltimore, and Speros' Stallions have been given more coverage by The Sun than any other non-major league team in the area.

The Stallions' ticket drive is well-known by the sports fans in this area. The reality is that the majority of people prefer the NFL. Speros knows this, too.

Speros is a businessman from the Washington area who capitalized on Baltimore's frustrations in attempting to lure an NFL team. Why did he never attempt to bring an NFL team to Baltimore while he's trying to bring major-league baseball to Washington? Because he never expected Baltimore could or would get a team. Now, he is upset with one of the biggest sporting events to hit this city since Cal Ripken's record-breaking day.

Does Speros really care about the city, or does he care about the bottom line and himself?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed watching the Stallions. But the time has come for us to rejoin the rest of the country in rooting for our favorite NFL team each Sunday.

Tony DiVenti



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