From The Sun Jan. 14-20, 1846* Jan. 14: Legislative...


January 14, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 14-20, 1846

* Jan. 14: Legislative Proceedings -- We are this morning without any record of the doings at Annapolis yesterday, the cars from that city having failed to connect at the junction with the Washington train.

* Jan. 20: A satisfactory report of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co. is referred to as displaying a prosperous and flourishing condition of its affairs.

From The Sun Jan. 14-20, 1896

* Jan. 14: Judge Albert Ritchie made an interesting address last night before the Maryland Historical Society on the "Early County Seats and Courthouses of Baltimore County."

* Jan. 16: Mayor Hooper welcomed to Baltimore the bishops of the African Methodist Church at a public meeting yesterday afternoon in St. John's Church, on West Lexington Street.

* Jan. 18: The Krieger-Bund of Baltimore, composed of German war veterans, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the unification of the German empire at the Germania Maennerchor Hall last night.

From The Sun Jan. 14-20, 1946

* Jan. 17: Helen Traubel justified her title of leading Wagnerian soprano of the Metropolitan Opera Company in her appearance with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra last night.

* Jan. 18: Because of the remaining uncertainty regarding the new contractual terms to be offered to the Baltimore Baseball Club by the Park Board, the Oriole management is going ahead with negotiations for the removal of the team to another city, if such a move becomes necessary.

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