Megasupermarkets: Supermarkets are getting bigger, but...

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January 14, 1996

Megasupermarkets: Supermarkets are getting bigger, but that doesn't mean they're selling more food in that extra space. Shopping Centers Today, a trade publication, analyzed data from the Food Marketing Institute and found that the median size of a new supermarket surged to 48,200 square feet in 1994 from 38,000 in 1993. Many stores are not traditional supermarkets, but super stores that also sell general merchandise.

Flooding the system: National Data Corp., a major health care claims processor, said it handled a record number of claims for a single day -- 3.5 million -- on Jan. 2, the first day of work in 1996. The firm theorized that many doctors and clinics were closed, forcing patients to wait till after New Year's."They also could be suffering from the season's flu outbreak, holiday stress, sports injuries or the effects of too much fun on New Year's Eve," said National Data official Richard Cohan.

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