Community spirit abounds when a blizzard strikes


January 12, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

SO HERE we are in the great blizzard of 1996. Two days of digging ourselves out of snowplow tracks, and we're all sick of snow. On the other hand, I've lost two pounds this week. Maybe a blizzard is nature's way of helping us get rid of holiday calories.

Among the nicer aspects of Savage is its community spirit. My neighbor Amy Schram used to live in Michigan, so she's accustomed to driving in this type of weather. Before heading for the market after the storm, she asked her more cautious neighbors if they needed groceries. It was the kind of gesture repeated all over town.

Idled bus driver Karen Davis got together with fellow First Baptist Church members Liz Slater and Brian Grooms to shovel out stranded Savage residents. The stalwart group roamed the streets with shovels, looking for people such as Alice Baldwin, who had trouble getting out to shovel her walk. This is one terrific town.

Pizza kits

The storm had other effects: The supermarkets ran out of food. How do we feed a hungry crew when the weather is too rotten to drive in? The Patuxent Valley Middle School PTA has the answer: frozen pizza. Yes, the PTA is extending its sale of Joe Corbi pizza packages. They're just the thing to order for those long snowed-in winter weekends when nobody delivers.

For less than $5 a meal, your family can feast on a good hot entree, with no dishes to wash.

For details on how to get these packages, call PTA President Trona Vollmerhausen at (301) 776-5492.

Baseball sign-up

Marty Nicholson of the Atholton Youth Recreation Association reminds baseball players that registration for the spring teams will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jan. 20 at Amherst House and at the River Hill meeting room.

In the past, students from Hammond Middle School have participated. The association is seeking players of all ages, so hurry to fill the roster. For additional information, telephone John McGuinn at (301) 596-0713.

Sales success

Brenda Katz and Bonnie Miller are on the Ways and Means Committee of Hammond High School's PTSA.

That means they usually do a lot of work for little recognition. But PTSA President Irene Vonieff recently praised their efforts to make the fall pizza and gourmet cookie sale a success.

The two women pulled in more than $2,500 for the PTSA.

Snow emergency routes

With all the rough weather we're having, remember that U.S. Route 1, most of Gorman Road, All Saints Road, Stephens Road, Whiskey Bottom Road and Leishear Road are snow emergency routes. This means that parking on those roads is forbidden in a storm and that only cars with snow tires may travel on the road.

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