Cabin Fever Quiz is answer to boredom


January 12, 1996|By DAN RODRICKS

Snowed in again? Cabin fever getting to you? Here's a little something to help pass the time. It's the 1996 Cabin Fever Quiz. We rolled out the first model on a Friday in January 1994, during that long season of ice, and some of my weirder friends told me they spent a good part of the weekend with it. (And others told me they knocked it off faster than you can say, "Poor man's 'Jeopardy.' ")

Some of these questions are riddles, some are presented in crossword-puzzle style, some are local in nature. Answers will appear in Monday's This Just In (he said with confidence). If you get stuck, call friends or relatives. Or, have the neighbors over, break out the eggnog you avoided during the holidays and have a Cabin Fever Quiz Party.

1. Baltimore's most far-flung bumper sticker, seen in foreign lands, implores you to eat these.

2. Uma, not Thurman, once reported for Channel 2 news.

3. They dazzled us with anthem before 2,131.

4. Unscramble these letters to get an Italian delight: L E O T I I R N L T.

5. Camden quiz: In feet, CDLX from home.

6. Dead TV: On this late-60s ABC show, Fred Astaire now and then played Alexander's dad.

7. Name that songwriter: "Dwight Yoakum's in the corner trying to catch my eye; Lyle Lovett's right beside me with his hand upon my thigh. The moral of the story is simple, but it's true. Hey, the stars might lie, but the numbers never do."

8. She wore white pumps out of season in John Waters' "Serial Mom," and paid for it.

9. Goddess of hunting, and she's hunting a new hubby.

10. God of war, for sure, but I'm thinking supermarket.

11. Name that jingle: "One pan, no boiling, cooking ease, the flavor that is sure to please."

12. In 1971, Colts won Super Bowl V. But this Cowboy was MVP.

13. Nordberg in the movies, notorious in real life.

14. Had road in Anne Arundel County landfill named after him.

15. Born Frizzell Gray, we know him another way.

16. Bygone Colts' bowling ball.

17. What Cal still has in common with Johnny Bench, Ted Williams and Ernie Banks.

18. Why Dolly Varden has no legs.

19. One had a degree of questionable pedigree; one was ill-natured and probably suffered from chronic depression; another indicated symptoms of "encephalitis lethargica"; another might have abused barbiturates; one was blissful, almost to the point of delirium, raising questions of substance abuse; one was timorous, indicating poor self-esteem; and it is believed that another suffered from allergies and sinus infections.

20. Dead TV: Cult stuff from CBS in the late 80s, underworldly and truly romantic, and lead had furry face; love that Linda, though.

21. Camden quiz: 5 O's, 6 HRs in 2,130. Name them.

22. Name that jingle: "Lip-smackin', whip-crackin', paddy-whackin', inka-nappin', zilliga-lackin', scalla-whackin' ELLIPSES "

23. Of Manny, Moe and Jack, the one with the cigar.

24. Dead TV: The secretary was Ms. Agnes DiPesto.

25. Had Johnny Petraglia, Earl Anthony and Toots Barger worn hats, they might have opted for this style.

26. Name that songwriter: "Fat man sittin' on a little stool, takes the money from my hand while his eyes take a walk all over you ELLIPSES "

27. Dead TV: Washington, appearing in this NBC show before movie glory, played one of the young doctors.

28. Dora, Agnes, Heep, Wickfield and Steerforth live in a novel. Which one?

29. Name that Shakespeare: In the earlier and shorter (68 minutes) of two movie versions of this play, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford starred. It came with a notorious screen credit: "By William Shakespeare, with additional dialogue by Sam Taylor."

30. Gog (from the Bible) and Zog (from Albania) were each this.

31. Names is news: These letters, arranged and spaced appropriately, give the first and last names of a prominent and politically connected Baltimore businessman: SJIKARETAPNOH.

32. Long before working with Boyz, Rolling Stone called her Whitney II, singing ersatz soul, "passion slaving over piffle."

33. Long before he joined the Dream Team, F. Lee Bailey represented Albie DeSalvo. Who was he?

34. She was no flake, her name was Jeanne; she once reported for Channel 13.

35. Initially, this fast-food chain was called Raffel Brothers.

36. During the 1963 World Series, of whom was Yogi speaking when he said: "I don't see how he lost five games during the season"?

37. Dead TV: In which Lieutenant Gerard chased a deceased woman's husband.

38. Dead teams: The Colonels, the Chaparrals, the Oaks and Americans were all names of teams from what professional league that collapsed in 1976?

39. Akita's plaintive wail. When and where?

40: Unscramble these letters to get a Chinese delight: N O M G O A P A O G I O.

41. Shrink in "12 Monkeys," the caped one's TV nemesis.

42. Terms of this trade: Coping, keyhole, buck and hack.

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