Feeling good and edgy, fresh off a shopping spree

Candid Closet

January 11, 1996|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,SUN STAFF

Heather Mason spent her teens as a funky dresser. Now 23, she's trying to figure out where to go from there.

It helps that the freelance writer recently won a $1,000 shopping spree in a Downtown Partnership contest. In a limousine, she and her mother tooled around town treating themselves to jewelry, clothing and gifts.

But the Tuscany-Canterbury resident still hasn't decided exactly what look she's after.

"I will always try and be funky," she says. "That will always be part of who I am."

Describe your wardrobe.

It's all neutrals. I don't do bold color. It's largely casual -- but dressy casual. It's also very functional. I own a ton of jeans and a ton of silks. Wearing silks, denim, pearls and Italian leather loafers together doesn't scare me -- as long as I feel comfortable and pretty.

What makes your style stand out?

I'll spend $70 on jeans and buy a $5 top.

What's your most unusual outfit?

I get bored with business suits where you go into Ann Taylor and buy two pieces. I like wearing suits where you put a flannel miniskirt with a wool gabardine jacket and clunky shoes. It's a suit, but it's still edgy.

What kind of response do you get?

Other than people telling me my miniskirts are too short, not much.

What do you say to them after that?

I like my skirts short and I'm comfortable in them. I feel really frumpy in knee-length skirts. I can't handle that.

What did you buy on this shopping spree?

I bought a $150 pearl necklace at Amaryllis and jeans, a vest and a sweater from Banana Republic. Other than that, I bought gifts for people and stuff like pots and pans. It was excellent. I'd never won anything before. I think I may start playing Lotto.

In your closet, what's your absolute favorite?

A blue silk tank. It goes with anything.

Is there a purchase you groan over having bought?

An orange linen tank. It's ugly, it's pumpkin-colored and it's high-maintenance.

What fashion lesson have you learned the hard way?

Vintage jackets look great in the store. Get them home and they suddenly look junky. They're too big at the store and that's OK, but putting them with your own wardrobe drags them down. You can end up looking like Al Capone.

Where do you shop?

Oh Susannah! in Fells Point, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and The Gap.

Is there something you most regret not buying?

A huge white sweater. I was in college, and I talked myself out of it. I went back the next day, and it was gone. It would have gone with everything. If I ever see something like that again, I'll buy it right away.

What's the last thing we'd find in your closet?

Rayon. I only wear natural fabrics. Man-made fabrics look cheap.

It sounds like your wardrobe is evolving. If you were a funky dresser in your teens, what will you be in your 20s?

I'm trying to let everything fall into place and let all aspects of my life do that. But if I suddenly take a job at Alex. Brown, my life -- and clothing -- would change.

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