It's time for those 1996 Dow Jones predictions

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January 10, 1996|By Julius Westheimer

WOULD YOU like to have dinner for two as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ticker at your favorite Maryland restaurant? If so, try to win our 1996 Dow Jones forecasting contest.

If you come in second, you will be our lunch guests. The next 10 closest crystal ball gazers will receive hardback books about money, average price $25.

To enter, send your prediction on a postcard (no letters accepted) for the 1996 year-end closing of the Dow Jones industrial average.

Print your whole-number prediction (no decimals), name, address and home phone number. Give reasons if you wish -- we will print some -- but they are not required. Only one card per person, and ties will be decided by flipping a coin.

Mail the card to Julius Westheimer, Ticker Contest, Business News Department, 5th floor, The Baltimore Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278.

Your postcard must be postmarked by midnight Jan. 28.

Don't be afraid to try. Several years ago, a man who never heard of the Dow Jones average picked a number, mailed a card and won. He and his wife were our dinner guests at the Red Horse Inn in Hagerstown.

To guide you, here are 1996 year-end predictions, ranked by optimism, by local "experts" -- bankers, brokers, financial advisers, media stars, etc.:

Jim Breiner, Baltimore Business

Journal 6,500

Christian Poindexter, BGE

CEO 6,275

Jeffrey Schein, my dentist 6,250Manuele Wasserman, adviser 6,040

George Pinsch, my barber 6,000

Louis Goldstein, Maryland's comptroller 6,000

Keith Girard, publisher,

Warfield's 6,000

"Sister Sue," psychic 5,999

Zena Fox, my manicurist 5,970

Carolyn McEnrue, Channel 11 anchorwoman 5,917

Barry Salzman, Gruntal mgr. 5,775

Bob Lopez, 98 Rock 5,750

Morry Zolet, cert. fin. pl. 5,712

Carter Randall, "Wall Street

Week" 5,700

Mark Dyer, fin. counselor 5,692

Mike Meredith, Merrill Lynch 5,690

Charlies McCormick Jr.,

CEO, McCormick 5,690

Eddie Brown, Balto. adviser 5,660

Dorrit Westheimer,

Mrs. Ticker 5,650 Larry Adam, Dean Witter 5,600

Gail Dudack, "Wall St. Week" 5,556

Bob Fisher, Legg Mason 5,555

George Collins, CEO,

T. Rowe Price 5,552

Anthony Deering, CEO,

Rouse Co. 5,500

Craig Lewis, Inv. Couns. Md. 5,500

Brian Topping, Merc-Safe 5,500

Marty Bass, WJZ-TV 5,500

Bruce Elliott, WBAL Radio 5,475

Pete Colhoun, inv. couns. 5,420

Tom Marr, WCBM Radio 5,417

David Clogg, Chapin Davis 5,400

Mr. Ticker 5,400

Alvin Krongard, CEO,

Alex. Brown 5,375

Myron Oppenheimer,

NationsBank 5,316

Allan Prell, WBAL Radio 5,300

Mary Junck, Sun publisher 5,216

Joseph R. L. Sterne, Sun editorial

page editor 5,215

Denise Koch, WJZ-TV

anchorwoman 5,100

Andy Barth, WMAR-TV 5,050

Frank Cappiello, adviser 4,959

Alan Walden, WBAL Radio 4,850

Tony Pann, Channel 11

weatherman 4,800

Mebane Turner, president, University of Baltimore 4,800

Rich Dubroff, producer,

"Wall Street Week" 4,764

Robert Wood, adviser 4,700

Carolyn Walpert, my sec'y 4,550

Norman Blake, USF&G CEO 4,500

Ron Smith, WBAL Radio 4,280

Rob Brown, local strategist 4,080

TO GUIDE YOU: If past performance is a guide, the closest "expert" forecasters last year were, in order, Rich Dubroff, Allan Prell, Alan Walden, Manuele Wasserman and Larry Adam. Their 1996 predictions are listed above.

Asked for his forecast, Gov. Parris N. Glendening said, "I think stocks will go up, but I'm not into picking exact numbers."

The Baltimore Security Analysts Society will meet at noon Jan. 16 at Stouffer Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. Topic: "Stock Market 1996 Outlook."

For more guidance, read this week's (Jan. 8) Barron's. Sample comments:

"Significant top will occur in March." (Wall Street Notes)

"Odds favor primary uptrend continuing well into 1996." (Mercer Forecast)

"I see nothing short of a stock market disaster." (Yamamoto Forecast)

"The only unknown is where and when the decline starts." (Robbins Investment Policy)

"The stock market is still aimed at an infinite price level. Any jitters will be temporary until bonds tumble." (Morry on The Market)

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