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January 07, 1996

Direct election of school board is best method

The Anne Arundel County Council has just voted to support selection of the county school board by the council and executive. How unwise!

A council dissenter is reported to have said, "I've been uncomfortable with the council getting more involved in the appointment process."

True, but there are better reasons. For example, the council has enough important work to do without running the school system as well.

In fairness to the council, it can be said that the plan endorsed by the county House delegation is even more imprudent. That is a modification of the current system of the governor and the nominating convention making the selections.

Why not bury these proposals and enact a system whereby the school board is responsible directly to the taxpayers? The answer is because direct election is the easy and obvious best solution. This is too much for our elected officials to grasp.

Bill D. Burlison


Budget squabblers ought to resign

We have reached the limit with Washington's infantile behavior on the federal budget. All of our major industrialized allies are able to produce a national budget on time. But we have the misfortune of seeing the president and the Congress still squabbling on the budget three months into the new fiscal year.

To end this political irresponsibility, I propose a New Year's resolution for Washington -- namely that a law be passed mandating that if the president and Congress do not reach a new budget agreement by the beginning of our new fiscal year, Oct. 1, they would all be required to resign immediately, with a new election to be held in two months.

Until this law is passed, I would also propose that it become mandatory that the last funding bills voted on be those for the White House and Congress, so that these politicians would not be paid while engaging in irresponsible antics such as those now happening.

Prescott Wurlitzer

Severna Park

What 'troop support' should mean

Because a peaceful solution in Bosnia is not readily apparent, it does not follow that sending in the troops will be the most effective means of preventing violence.

Further, it does not follow that those who do not favor military intervention are isolationists, or that those who do are internationalists.

Since the deployment of U.S. troops to Bosnia is now a fait accompli, it is, of course, to be hoped that their mission -- preventing further violence -- is successful.

In the past "supporting the troops" has meant supporting whatever war they happen to be engaged in, not tolerating dissent, and interpreting any criticism of government policy as evidence of disloyalty. In addition, it meant keeping the troops in an ongoing conflict, no matter how misguided, as cannon fodder to "show resolve" or attain "peace with honor."

It is to be hoped that "supporting the troops" might mean bringing the troops home out of harm's way if the mission becomes unattainable or proves to exacerbate an already dangerous, violent situation.

R E Lee Lears


Kudos for postal food drive

The post offices in Anne Arundel County ran a food drive in cooperation with the Anne Arundel County Food Bank from Dec. 4-Dec. 9. The postal employees and the food bank collected more than 50,000 pounds of food.

We appreciate the generous support from the citizens of Anne Arundel County. Thank you one and all.

William Pratesi

Glen Burnie

The writer is Glen Burnie postmaster.

People are system's checks and balances

Our form of government was designed on the pragmatic idea of checks and balances. And the greatest of these are the people themselves, without whom the need of the common good is not met. And the machinery of government spins its wheels or even grinds to a halt, as we have witnessed recently.

Therefore, it should be understood by the people that apathy and disillusionment are not and never have been viable excuses for not being involved in our political process, let alone meeting your civic duty of voting. Remember, the greatest way of voicing your criticism or your support for the actions of your government is through the ballot and by your involvement in your political process.

Edward M. Doyas

Severna Park

Execution, murder aren't the same

Please instruct your editors to scan wire service reports for correct English usage.

Page 3A of the Dec. 30 edition carried a story of possible police involvement in a killing that took place in Atlanta. The word "execution" is misused in the story. The mistake is repeated in the headline, which I assume was written by Sun staffers.

As your staff hopefully knows, execution is legal. It is carried out by governments after due process. What the story seems to be describing is an act of homicide, possibly murder. With few exceptions, homicide is illegal.

It is difficult enough to carry on a rational debate about capital punishment without your paper obfuscating the issue by using words of the punishment and the crime interchangeably.

J. A. Janisch


A loved one becomes a U.S. citizen

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