For the record both finding and selling it Market Value: Tracking down one rare recording and locating a buyer for another takes a call or a letter.

Market Value

January 07, 1996|By Anita Gold | Anita Gold,KNIGHT-RIDDER/TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE

I've been going crazy trying to find the record "Deck of Cards." Where can I possibly get it?

This stirring World War II song is available on cassette (professionally transferred from the original record) for $7 postpaid from George Silha, c/o the House of Music, 2057 W. 95th St., Chicago, Ill. 60643. Phone (312) 239-4114 to order, or fax (312) 239-9722.

I have a record album titled "$64,000 Jazz" by George Avakian of Columbia Records, which was released when a contestant of the "$64,000 Question" TV game show chose the category of jazz.

The album jacket shows three people watching the game on TV with the CBS symbol, and a female contestant preparing to choose a category. Is this album worth anything?

According to George Silha of the House of Music, such a record album could be worth $10 to $50, depending on its condition and who would want to buy it.

To try to find a buyer, you may want to write the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors, 8412 Royal Meadow Drive, Indianapolis, Ind. 46217-4865.

According to columnist-musicologist Thurlow Orr Cannon of Fort Myers Beach, Fla., the IAJRC (founded in 1964) has about 1,750 members in the United States and 36 other countries. He says many records change hands through auctions-by-mail, and that such auction lists are printed in Joslin's Jazz Journal, Box 213, Parsons, Kan. 67357.

When writing the IAJRC or Joslin's Jazz Journal, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a reply, information or membership/subscription details.

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