Spell checkIf your MBA and high-tech accouterments aren't...

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January 07, 1996

Spell check

If your MBA and high-tech accouterments aren't bringing you success, author Barrie Dolnick has a suggestion: Cast a spell. Ms. Dolnick has written "Simple Spells for Success" to explain spells and how to use them in hopes of "creating abundance and prosperity" in your life. Ms. Dolnick notes that we all sometimes dabble in the stuff of spells even though we don't realize it -- by wearing lucky socks or a "power suit" to a meeting or job interview.

Growing your nest egg

Saving money may be easier than you think -- just look at what you're spending and find expenses you can cut. That's the advice from the Beardstown Ladies Investment Club. The 15 Illinois women who pool their investments have written their second financial how-to book, "Growing Your Nest Egg." They suggest people put money in the bank before they start paying their monthly bills, even if the deposit is just 1 percent of the paycheck amount.

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