Around the house* This year, be sure to label all boxes...


January 06, 1996|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* This year, be sure to label all boxes that are used for Christmas decorations before returning to storage.

* Keep holiday gift wrap in good condition from year to year. Store rolls of wrapping paper upright in a garment bag or purchase a long box from a florist.

* Prevent pine-needle fall-out from covering your floors when removing your Christmas tree. Wrap a sheet around the tree, grab the trunk and slide evergreen through the door.

* Remove soil from grout. Try rubbing a typewriter eraser in between tiles.

* Keep a supply of cat litter on hand for icy sidewalks; a sack of litter in your car will also provide traction for tires that are spinning on a sheet of ice.

In the garden

* Keep blooming gift plants such as poinsettias away from sunlight, heating ducts and drafts. Remove foil covering and place plant on a gravel-filled saucer to allow adequate drainage. Water when soil is dry to the touch.

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