Indicted detective can leave city Judge permits Tomlin to go to Wis. on job search

January 05, 1996|By Kate Shatzkin | Kate Shatzkin,SUN STAFF

Over prosecutors' objections, a Baltimore police detective who has been indicted in the alleged beating of two suspects got permission Wednesday from a judge to travel to Wisconsin to seek another job in law enforcement.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Roger W. Brown granted Detective Nicholas J. Tomlin's request but ordered an unsecured bond of $20,000 to ensure he would appear for his arraignment Jan. 24. Detective Tomlin's father, a top commander of the Baltimore Police Department, co-signed for the bond, which doesn't require an advance payment.

A city grand jury indicted Detective Tomlin, 28, on two counts of misdemeanor assault in November in the alleged beating of the teen-agers, who were suspects in the shooting of another officer.

It was the second time the detective had been implicated in a brutality case in the past four years, though it was the first time criminal charges had been filed against him. He was cleared of departmental charges in the alleged beating of a 23-year-old softball coach in 1991.

Detective Tomlin has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

Col. Leon Tomlin, the detective's father and chief of the department's technical services bureau, sat in court Wednesday. He is on sick leave from the department after a heart attack.

Assistant State's Attorney Elizabeth A. Ritter opposed the travel, saying Detective Tomlin had no ties to Wisconsin and therefore could be considered at risk to flee.

"If he was going to leave, he wouldn't be here asking for a modification," replied Henry Belsky, the officer's lawyer. "His plan is to move to Wisconsin and get a job there."

Mr. Belsky confirmed that Officer Tomlin was looking for work with a Wisconsin law enforcement agency, but he would not say which one.

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